Javi Rodriguez


As a child, I had one dream; the dream of opening up my own gym. Unfortunately, I had no idea where to start. I started my business with a dream and the internal drive to help people. Fit Body Boot Camp guided and shaped my dream. They taught me how to use my passion to make a living. With the help and support of Fit Body Boot Camp, my dream of owning a gym has come true and they’ve taught me how to be successful in doing it.

When I attended Fitness Business Summit 2011 I made the difficult decision to leave the Navy and pursue my dream. My goal was to help people change their lives; however, little did I know that my life was going to be changed as well. I didn’t really know anything about business or being a business owner, but that didn’t matter because Fit Body Boot Camp guided me through everything, step by step. Bedros and his AMAZING team at HQ taught me sales, marketing, build-out, and how to stand out in a competitive market. The team at HQ was super supportive with all the questions and issues I had, from beginning to 3 years into it. They gave me prompt responses and unlimited support. Fit Body Boot Camp believed in me every step of the way.

Currently, I have one location that earns 6-figures and as I write this testimonial my second location is in the build-out phase. I recently purchased my first home, something that I’ve wanted my whole life. I can honestly say that without Fit Body Boot Camp this wouldn’t have happened. The beauty of all of this is that I get to wake up every day and hang out with the best people in the world, my clients. I don’t go to “work”, I show up to change lives. Fit Body Boot Camp has helped to make my business successful and I am forever grateful to be a part of such a supportive family.

Javi Rodriguez,
Rio Rancho Fit Body Bootcamp
New Brunswick, Canada