Matt Priess

matt_priess-web-223x300I tried to do it by myself for two years with not much luck. After two years I had around 40 members and hardly any profit. I wasnt working for me for multiple reasons.

That is until I joined forces with FBBC. I joined up on the military program which allows all veterans in the franchise for only $1! It is an amazing deal and if you are prior military with an honorable discharge you would be a fool to not jump on this deal.

The support system is great. The marketing, sales, and structure is all there for you to learn. Not only that, but just having access to so many other trainers/business owners doing the same thing that you are doing in invaluable. I have learned so much in the little time that I have been apart of this amazing franchise!

What was even more great for me was that FBBC did not try to take over my whole business. They allowed me to keep my name that I started my business out with, and DO NOT try to control every aspect of my business. They coach you up, give you suggestions and let you make the decisions. It truly it the “anti-franchise franchise”!

After just one year of being with FBBC, I have over 110 members and I am on my way to making over a six figure income!

Words cannot express my appreciation for everything that FBBC has done for me and what they stand for. They really just want you to succeed, and continue to do what you love to do.

If you are on the fence about joining forces with, or even just starting your own FBBC from the ground up. My advice is to get off the fence and just do it! I promise you will not regret it!

Matt Priess

Lincoln, Nebraska